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Network, where practical solutions meet creativity to streamline your business needs. At the heart of our operations lies a simple promise: making your work life easier and more productive.

With Miten's hands‑on tech training and Elasticle's custom digital architectures, we empower you with tools that turn complexity into simplicity.

H2 Events brings meticulous attention to the logistics and atmosphere that make your events memorable. OceanMer(ch) taps into the pulse of your event's energy, selling merchandise with efficiency and flair.

Wavecast captures and broadcasts your voice with clarity, right from your workspace to the world. And in support of your strategic endeavors, RSCA ensures that every piece of data and every slide in your presentation contributes concretely to your business success.

Each of our brands shares a common thread    a commitment to delivering practical, user‑friendly, and effective services tailored just for you.

Before you go further…

…please read the Story of this website

Artificial intelligence isn't just a buzzword for us; it's one of the most resonating topics we delve into during our trainings, and it's a tool we wield daily to streamline our operations. This very website stands as a testament to AI's accessible power: crafted by guiding AI with text prompts, by an individual with a foundational understanding of coding and design who chose not to utilize those skills in the creation process. It's an example of how even those who aren't programmers by trade can harness AI to create something real and functional.

We acknowledge the site may not boast the flawless finish of a project crafted by seasoned professionals applying their full skill set. It's not immaculate in design, code, or prose    yet it carries a charm in its adequacy. It was made to provide a practical demonstration that effective digital solutions are well within reach, even for those without technical expertise. Below, you can find a list of the AI tools we have used to do so.

For code and copy

ChatGPT and GPT‑4 through API
Plus tier of ChatGPT ($20/mo) and pay‑per‑use usage of GPT‑4 (total spend of $8) for generating the entire code of the website, half of all copy and more

Claude 2
Pro version (registered through VPN, but paid with a Czech payment card, $20/mo) for generating the other half of the copy

Alternative for ChatGPT and Claude with both GPT‑4/Claude 2 model available ($20/mo)

GitHub Copilot
Used as a plug‑in in Visual Studio Code for final check of the code ($10/mo)

For translations, can be easily done in free version (Pro available for $10/mo)

Everything combined in Nova, but can also be done even in basic Notepad on Windows. The website is written in HTML and TailwindCSS with some JavaScript, that rotates the images (try to reload the page several times). The code will be further optimized by AI (and texts translated by AI)

For structure, design, and colors

ChatGPT and GPT‑4 through API
Plus tier of ChatGPT and pay‑per‑use usage of GPT‑4 (costs included in the ones previously mentioned)

The initial color scheme was based on a color palette available with many others at Coolors, then completely redone by GPT‑4

For pictures

For research on Midjourney 6 prompts and generating tens of example prompts

ChatGPT and GPT‑4 through API
To create a prompt generator mass‑producing consistent prompts for the entire website (costs included in the ones previously mentioned)

Midjourney 6
as an image generator, Pro Plan ($60/mo) to speed things up, can be achieved on a cheaper tier

Pro Tier ($39/mo) to upscale the outputs of Midjourney and also for adding more details to each picture

Our message for you is clear: if you have an idea or a project, you don't need a deep dive into coding or design to bring it to life. We can empower you with AI tools and techniques that can elevate your concepts into creations. With our training, AI becomes a practical ally, turning aspirations into digital realities. And as you observe the capabilities demonstrated here, we invite you to join us    let us show you how to unlock your potential with AI, no matter your background.


Lecturing about artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft 365 (M365), Airtable, Trello, Make and more

Streamlining Tech Learning for Real‑World Application

Miten makes technology learning straightforward and relevant. We prioritize what's important: practical skills, bolstered by just enough theory to deepen your understanding. Our trainers don’t just teach    they're daily users of tools like Microsoft 365, Airtable, Make, Trello, and various AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, providing real‑world insights.

Our approach is straightforward: learn, apply, and excel. We transform the way you see technology    from a barrier to an enabler.

It’s about moving beyond the initial complexity to discover how these tools genuinely make your work faster and easier. You will not just learn; you will step into a smarter, more efficient digital lifestyle.

Join us for a tech learning journey that's as beneficial as it is insightful. With Miten, technology becomes an empowering ally, not a challenge.


What does Miten mean?
Miten, derived from the Finnish word for 'How', perfectly captures our mission as a lecturing company: to provide straightforward, practical 'How to' guidance in technology learning.


Boutique software studio developing information systems, websites and mobile applications

Flexible Software Solutions for Every Need

Elasticle will be your long‑term partner in digital innovation. Specializing in crafting bespoke information systems, websites, and mobile applications, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We cater to a diverse range of clients from small businesses to well‑known brands across various industries, including but not limited to sports and automotive.

We believe in building relationships as strong as our code. We work closely with you at every step, ensuring frequent and clear communication throughout the development process. Our commitment doesn't end at launch; we're here for ongoing support, making sure your digital tools continue to evolve with your needs.

Our approach is as versatile as our client base. Recognizing that not every project requires high‑end custom development, we're adept at employing no‑code and low‑code tools for projects with smaller budgets or where they provide the most effective solution. This adaptability ensures that we deliver optimal, budget‑friendly solutions without ever compromising on quality.

Together, we'll create digital solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, fostering growth and innovation for your business.


What does Elasticle mean?
Elasticle, a nod to 'elastic', embodies our dedication to flexibility, stretching to meet the unique needs of each client with tailored solutions.

H2 Events

Event support company focused on destination management (DMC), guest management, logistics, sourcing and content production

Streamlined Support for Every Event Detail

H2 Events specializes in the finer details that make events run smoothly. Our expertise lies in providing top‑notch event support services    from meticulous sourcing of materials and venues to ensuring the right staff are in place for every task. We handle logistics with precision, and our content production is designed to captivate and engage.

For our international clients, we offer comprehensive destination management services. Acting as your local connection, we navigate the complexities of hosting events in unfamiliar locations. From understanding local customs to handling on‑ground logistics, we bridge the gap, ensuring a smooth and successful event no matter where it's held.

Our guest management capabilities are enhanced by our proprietary registration, reporting, and communication platform. This system allows for efficient communication with all guests, streamlining the process from initial invitation to final invoicing. We manage every aspect of guest interaction, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for all attendees.

At H2 Events, our goal is simple: to provide reliable, detail‑oriented support that makes your event stand out. We're here to take the stress out of event planning, allowing you to focus on what's important    your guests and your event's success.

H2 Events

What does H2 Events mean?
H2 Events, originally born from the idea of 'hostessing²', reflects our roots as the company started as a hostessing provider. Though we've grown and diversified our services, the name endures as a connection to our humble beginnings.


Concert merchandise seller for music events, specializing in high‑volume indoor/outdoor shows

Rockstar‑Grade Merch, Concert to Concert

Ocean Mer(ch) brings big‑stage merchandising muscle to elevate sales at concerts of every scale. Our team has handled merch operations for the music industry's hottest stars, and we bring that savvy directly to event organizers.

With rapid setup and teardown, we transform venues with our own display boards to showcase products attractively. Our intuitive layouts and multiple points of sale drive interest while keeping fans moving fast.

We have boxes of experience managing high‑traffic flows for indoor and outdoor events. Our staffing is precisely scaled to venue needs    avoiding lines while never missing a sale.

Take your event's earning potential to new heights. With Ocean Mer(ch) running your merch, sales volume reaches new peaks.


What does OceanMer(ch) mean?
OceanMer(ch), fusing 'Ocean' and 'Mer' (a French word for 'sea'), symbolizes the immense volume of goods we sell, akin to an ocean's expanse.


On‑site podcast production with near‑studio quality, hassle‑free video and audio recording

Your Office, Our Studio: Podcasts Made Easy

At Wavecast, we're all about bringing top‑tier podcast production right to your doorstep. Our team comes to you, equipped with the latest in podcasting hardware and software, ready to turn any space in your office into a makeshift recording studio. We understand that convenience is key, so we make the process straightforward and hassle‑free.

In our hands, your on‑site recording will reach near‑studio quality, achieving about 90% of what you'd expect from a professional studio. This is our commitment to excellence, balancing the practicality of on‑site recording with the high standards of studio output. We strive to close the gap, ensuring your podcast sounds polished and professional, with just a hint of that authentic on‑site feel.

When we arrive, it's all about simplicity and efficiency. Think of us as a friendly crew of podcasting experts, ready to set up, record, and upload your podcast without any fuss. You're the director in this production; we're just here to make sure your vision comes to life.

Our role extends to helping you with the initial setup of your podcast's online presence. We focus on the essentials, ensuring your podcast is accessible on the right platforms and is easy for your audience to find. At Wavecast, we offer the tools and support to start your podcasting journey on a solid foundation, without overwhelming you with complexities.


What does Wavecast mean?
Wavecast draws its name from the fusion of 'sound waves' and 'podcasts', highlighting our expertise in crafting high‑quality, immersive audio experiences for every podcast we produce.


Multi‑service corporate support including data checking, presentations, reporting, and sourcing

Streamlined Support for Data‑Driven Teams

RSCA offers comprehensive solutions so corporate teams can stay focused on what matters most. Data integrity is essential, so we provide practical verification through automation and manual auditing to safeguard quality.

We also leverage data for impact through visual presentations and reports tailored to leadership needs. Our designs inform and inspire action towards key goals. When last‑minute needs arise, our sourcing expertise delivers reliable options fast.

Our mix of services share a common thread    simplifying processes to drive outcomes. Checking data properly helps decisions stick. Compelling slides accelerate alignment. Finding the right item quickly keeps projects on track.

Consider us an extension of your team in both mindset and skillset. We learn your priorities, then keep processes flowing smoothly through a blend of checking, creating, and collecting done right. At RSCA we bring simplicity, quality, and accessibility together.


What does RSCA mean?
RSCA, standing for Robert Saint Clair and Associates, is a playful tribute to 'Le Magnifique', where Jean‑Paul Belmondo's character, the unrivaled secret agent Bob Saint Clair, embodies the sophistication and excellence we strive for in our services.


A list of companies and organizations we have worked for and with

Automotive, manufacturing and logistics

Louda Auto
CS Cargo

Sports, music and venues

Ligová fotbalová asociace
Asociace malého fotbalu
AC Sparta Praha
O2 arena
Prague Sounds
Laver Cup

Finance, telecommunications and retail

Komerční banka
Modrá pyramida
Česká spořitelna
CCS Consulting

Education, events and mobility



Online, in person, through e‑mail or over the phone

H2 Brands
Kytínská 1626/5
102 00 Prague 15    Hostivař

Jakub Danielka
+420 774 307 778

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MitenEdu Enterprise Services, s.r.o.

Kytínská 1626/5
102 00 Prague 10    Hostivař
IČ 17950210
The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 379179
DUNS 933615186

Elasticle s.r.o.

K Horoměřicům 1184/41
165 00 Prague 6    Hostivař
IČ 04480325
DIČ CZ04480325
The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 248353
DUNS 361842902

H2 Events, s.r.o.

Kytínská 1626/5
102 00 Prague 10    Hostivař
IČ 02713314
DIČ CZ02713314
The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 221767
DUNS 361528681

Ocean Merch, s.r.o.

Kytínská 1626/5
102 00 Prague 10    Hostivař
IČ 17949726
DIČ CZ17949726
The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 379168
DUNS 933615269